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2024 Professional Tutor Rates
(in-person or virtual)

Ashburn, Ashburn Farms, Brambleton, Broadlands, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Willowsford​

$81.00 per hour (once per week required) *
After 1 hour, every minute = $1.50

20147, 20148 (Broadlands: North of Waxpool Road)

20176​ (Town of Leesburg & East of Rt. 15)

$84.00 per hour (once per week required) *
After 1 hour, every minute = $1.50

20148 (Brambleton, Broadlands: South of Waxpool Road)

20175 (North of Woodlea Drive & Rt.15)

20105 (North of Rt. 50, Willowsford)

$87.00 per hour (once per week required) *

After 1 hour, every minute = $1.50

20176 (West of the Town of Leesburg)

Cancellations & Missed Sessions Policy

Our billing cycle occurs every two weeks for completed sessions. Tutors will report tutoring dates & hours.


In a two-week billing cycle, two 1-hour sessions are required per student (preferably once per week on a set day and time with an assigned tutor). Families will be billed on a Visa or MasterCard for those two minimum hours. Sessions that are longer will be billed according to our rates listed at or

For the minimum1-hour per week tutoring sessions or two hours in two weeks, Cancelled Sessions with notice of at least 6 hours is highly preferred (i.e., student holiday, federal holiday, sickness, inclement weather, snow days, no homework, etc.) and must be rescheduled. If parents/student cancel the session, parents are responsible for rescheduling a make-up within a month of the cancelled session. If the tutor cancels the session, the tutor is responsible for rescheduling the make-up within a month of the cancelled session. If parents decide to forego the session(s), no refund will be offered. Exceptions: the week of Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas/Winter break, one week for Easter/Spring break, June-August.

Missed Sessions: If the tutor arrives at client's home and client is not available for assigned session (including virtual sessions), the client will be charged the session rate. There will be no refunds. No make-up is necessary. The tutor is only required to wait 10 minutes at client's home or online.

Cancellations within 30 minutes of the scheduled session time will be treated as a Missed Session and parents will be charged the session rate. No refunds will be given. No make-up is necessary. (We understand illnesses and emergencies happen and we will take that into full consideration if the situation arises and will waive the fee as necessary). Parents/Students who “No Show” two (2) or more times during the school year, may be dismissed.

Termination of Service: Families that terminate tutoring sessions and then decide to restart at a later date in the same school year will be charged a $240.00 one-time fee (if a tutor is available).

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