Leesburg Tutors offer private, one-on-one tutoring in your home covering

subjects K - 12, college courses, reading level assessments, and homeschool evaluations.

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    Leesburg Tutors offers:

~ One-on-One Private Tutoring

~ Homework Help

~ Elementary Math - Calculus

~ Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

~ History, Civics, Government

~ Phonics

~ Reading Comprehension

~ Reading Level Evaluations

~ Study Skills & Organization

~ Writing Skills

~ Homeschool Evaluations

~ Adults Learning to Read

~ Summer Tutoring

~ SAT or SOL Help

~ K-12 Subject Help

~ College Essays

CURRENT PRICES:  $75 for 1 hour  or $65 for 45 minutes

​​​NO  Registration Fees, NO Up-Front Fees,  NO  Placement Fees,   NO  Diagnostic Fees

Serving Leesburg, Beacon Hill, River Creek, Lansdowne, Ashburn, Ashburn Farms, Broadlands, Potomac Falls

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Call Leesburg Tutors at (703) 646 - 2698  or info@AshburnTutors.com

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10% of |Leesburg Tutors profits will be donated to the Taylor Love Medical Fund. For more information visit www.TaylorLove.org


$199.99 per student      

Private Tutoring in Your Home!


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